Simox  2.3.62
Saba::CoinRrtWorkspaceVisualization Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Saba::CoinRrtWorkspaceVisualization:

Public Member Functions

 CoinRrtWorkspaceVisualization (VirtualRobot::RobotPtr robot, CSpacePtr cspace, const std::string &TCPName)
 CoinRrtWorkspaceVisualization (VirtualRobot::RobotPtr robot, VirtualRobot::RobotNodeSetPtr robotNodeSet, const std::string &TCPName)
 ~CoinRrtWorkspaceVisualization ()
virtual bool addCSpacePath (CSpacePathPtr path, RrtWorkspaceVisualization::ColorSet colorSet=eBlue)
virtual bool addTree (CSpaceTreePtr tree, RrtWorkspaceVisualization::ColorSet colorSet=eRed)
virtual bool addConfiguration (const Eigen::VectorXf &c, RrtWorkspaceVisualization::ColorSet colorSet=eGreen, float nodeSizeFactor=1.0f)
virtual void reset ()
SoSeparator * getCoinVisualization ()
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EIGEN_MAKE_ALIGNED_OPERATOR_NEW RrtWorkspaceVisualization (VirtualRobot::RobotPtr robot, CSpacePtr cspace, const std::string &TCPName)
 RrtWorkspaceVisualization (VirtualRobot::RobotPtr robot, VirtualRobot::RobotNodeSetPtr robotNodeSet, const std::string &TCPName)
virtual ~RrtWorkspaceVisualization ()
void setTCPName (const std::string TCPName)
virtual void setPathStyle (float lineSize=4.0f, float nodeSize=15.0f, float renderComplexity=1.0f)
virtual void setTreeStyle (float lineSize=1.0f, float nodeSize=15.0f, float renderComplexity=0.1f)
virtual void setCustomColor (float nodeR, float nodeG, float nodeB, float lineR=0.5f, float lineG=0.5f, float lineB=0.5f)
virtual void colorizeTreeNodes (int status, ColorSet colorSet)

Protected Member Functions

void coinInit ()
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void init ()

Protected Attributes

SoSeparator * visualization
- Protected Attributes inherited from Saba::RrtWorkspaceVisualization
VirtualRobot::RobotPtr robot
CSpacePtr cspace
VirtualRobot::RobotNodeSetPtr robotNodeSet
VirtualRobot::RobotNodePtr TCPNode
std::string TCPName
float pathLineSize
float pathNodeSize
float pathRenderComplexity
float treeLineSize
float treeNodeSize
float treeRenderComplexity
std::map< ColorSet, RenderColorscolors
std::map< int, ColorSettreeNodeStatusColor

Additional Inherited Members

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enum  ColorSet { eRed, eGreen, eBlue, eCustom }

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CoinRrtWorkspaceVisualization::CoinRrtWorkspaceVisualization ( VirtualRobot::RobotPtr  robot,
CSpacePtr  cspace,
const std::string &  TCPName 

Constructor Robot must have a node with name TCPName. The visualizations are build by determining the TCP's position in workspace according to the configurations of a path or tree .

CoinRrtWorkspaceVisualization::CoinRrtWorkspaceVisualization ( VirtualRobot::RobotPtr  robot,
VirtualRobot::RobotNodeSetPtr  robotNodeSet,
const std::string &  TCPName 
CoinRrtWorkspaceVisualization::~CoinRrtWorkspaceVisualization ( )

If CoinRrtWorkspaceVisualization::visualization is a valid object call SoNode::unref() on it.

Member Function Documentation

bool CoinRrtWorkspaceVisualization::addConfiguration ( const Eigen::VectorXf &  c,
RrtWorkspaceVisualization::ColorSet  colorSet = eGreen,
float  nodeSizeFactor = 1.0f 

Add visualization of a configuration in cspace.

Implements Saba::RrtWorkspaceVisualization.

bool CoinRrtWorkspaceVisualization::addCSpacePath ( CSpacePathPtr  path,
RrtWorkspaceVisualization::ColorSet  colorSet = eBlue 

Add visualization of a path in cspace.

Implements Saba::RrtWorkspaceVisualization.

bool CoinRrtWorkspaceVisualization::addTree ( CSpaceTreePtr  tree,
RrtWorkspaceVisualization::ColorSet  colorSet = eRed 

Add visualization of a tree (e.g an RRT) in cspace.

Implements Saba::RrtWorkspaceVisualization.

void CoinRrtWorkspaceVisualization::coinInit ( )
SoSeparator * CoinRrtWorkspaceVisualization::getCoinVisualization ( )

This mehtod returns the internal CoinRrtWorkspaceVisualization::visualization.

void CoinRrtWorkspaceVisualization::reset ( )

Set the custom line and node color. Does not affect already added trees or paths.

Clears all visualizations.

Reimplemented from Saba::RrtWorkspaceVisualization.

Field Documentation

SoSeparator* Saba::CoinRrtWorkspaceVisualization::visualization