Simox  2.3.62
VirtualRobot::CollisionCheckerDummy Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 CollisionCheckerDummy ()
virtual ~CollisionCheckerDummy ()
virtual float calculateDistance (CollisionModelPtr model1, CollisionModelPtr model2, Eigen::Vector3f &P1, Eigen::Vector3f &P2, int *trID1, int *trID2)
virtual bool checkCollision (CollisionModelPtr model1, CollisionModelPtr model2)
 tests if the two models are colliding More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from VirtualRobot::CollisionCheckerImplementation
 CollisionCheckerImplementation ()
virtual ~CollisionCheckerImplementation ()
virtual void setAutomaticSizeCheck (bool checkSizeOnColModelCreation)
virtual void enableDebugOutput (bool e)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool IsSupported_CollisionDetection ()
static bool IsSupported_ContinuousCollisionDetection ()
static bool IsSupported_DistanceCalculations ()
static bool IsSupported_Multithreading_Threadsafe ()
static bool IsSupported_Multithreading_MultipleColCheckers ()


class CollisionChecker

Additional Inherited Members

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bool debugOutput
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bool automaticSizeCheck

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VirtualRobot::CollisionCheckerDummy::CollisionCheckerDummy ( )
VirtualRobot::CollisionCheckerDummy::~CollisionCheckerDummy ( )

Member Function Documentation

float VirtualRobot::CollisionCheckerDummy::calculateDistance ( CollisionModelPtr  model1,
CollisionModelPtr  model2,
Eigen::Vector3f &  P1,
Eigen::Vector3f &  P2,
int *  trID1,
int *  trID2 

Returns distance of the collision models. Collision detected if result is zero. Returns -1.0 if no distance calculation lib was specified (e.g. VR_COLLISION_DETECTION_PQP)

Implements VirtualRobot::CollisionCheckerImplementation.

bool VirtualRobot::CollisionCheckerDummy::checkCollision ( CollisionModelPtr  model1,
CollisionModelPtr  model2 

tests if the two models are colliding

Implements VirtualRobot::CollisionCheckerImplementation.

static bool VirtualRobot::CollisionCheckerDummy::IsSupported_CollisionDetection ( )

If continuous collision detection (CCD) is supported, this method can be used to detect collisions on the path from the current pose of the collision models to the goal poses. true -> collision

Does the underlying collision detection library support discrete collision detection.

static bool VirtualRobot::CollisionCheckerDummy::IsSupported_ContinuousCollisionDetection ( )

Does the underlying collision detection library support continuous collision detection.

static bool VirtualRobot::CollisionCheckerDummy::IsSupported_DistanceCalculations ( )

Does the underlying collision detection library support distance calculations.

static bool VirtualRobot::CollisionCheckerDummy::IsSupported_Multithreading_MultipleColCheckers ( )

Does the underlying collision detection library support multiple instances of the collision checker. E.g. one per thread.

static bool VirtualRobot::CollisionCheckerDummy::IsSupported_Multithreading_Threadsafe ( )

Does the underlying collision detection library support threadsafe access. E.g. multiple threads query the collision checker asynchronously.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class CollisionChecker