Simox  2.3.62
VirtualRobot::GraspSet Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 GraspSet (const std::string &name, const std::string &robotType, const std::string &eef, const std::vector< GraspPtr > &grasps=std::vector< GraspPtr >())
virtual ~GraspSet ()
std::string getName ()
std::string getRobotType ()
std::string getEndEffector ()
void addGrasp (GraspPtr grasp)
bool hasGrasp (GraspPtr grasp)
bool hasGrasp (const std::string &name)
bool removeGrasp (GraspPtr grasp)
bool removeGrasp (unsigned int i)
void removeAllGrasps ()
bool isCompatibleGrasp (GraspPtr grasp)
void clear ()
void includeGraspSet (GraspSetPtr grasps)
unsigned int getSize ()
GraspPtr getGrasp (unsigned int n)
GraspPtr getGrasp (const std::string &name)
void print ()
std::string getXMLString (int tabs=1)
GraspSetPtr clone ()
std::vector< GraspPtrgetGrasps ()
void setPreshape (const std::string &preshape)
 Sets preshape string of all grasps. More...

Protected Attributes

std::vector< GraspPtrgrasps
std::string name
std::string robotType
std::string eef

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VirtualRobot::GraspSet::GraspSet ( const std::string &  name,
const std::string &  robotType,
const std::string &  eef,
const std::vector< GraspPtr > &  grasps = std::vector< GraspPtr >() 
VirtualRobot::GraspSet::~GraspSet ( )

Member Function Documentation

void VirtualRobot::GraspSet::addGrasp ( GraspPtr  grasp)
void VirtualRobot::GraspSet::clear ( )
VirtualRobot::GraspSetPtr VirtualRobot::GraspSet::clone ( )
std::string VirtualRobot::GraspSet::getEndEffector ( )
VirtualRobot::GraspPtr VirtualRobot::GraspSet::getGrasp ( unsigned int  n)

Return grasp number n. If n is out of bounds an empty GraspPtr is returned.

VirtualRobot::GraspPtr VirtualRobot::GraspSet::getGrasp ( const std::string &  name)
std::vector< GraspPtr > VirtualRobot::GraspSet::getGrasps ( )
std::string VirtualRobot::GraspSet::getName ( )
std::string VirtualRobot::GraspSet::getRobotType ( )
unsigned int VirtualRobot::GraspSet::getSize ( )

Return number of grasps stored in this set.

std::string VirtualRobot::GraspSet::getXMLString ( int  tabs = 1)
bool VirtualRobot::GraspSet::hasGrasp ( GraspPtr  grasp)
bool VirtualRobot::GraspSet::hasGrasp ( const std::string &  name)
void VirtualRobot::GraspSet::includeGraspSet ( GraspSetPtr  grasps)
bool VirtualRobot::GraspSet::isCompatibleGrasp ( GraspPtr  grasp)
void VirtualRobot::GraspSet::print ( )
void VirtualRobot::GraspSet::removeAllGrasps ( )
bool VirtualRobot::GraspSet::removeGrasp ( GraspPtr  grasp)
bool VirtualRobot::GraspSet::removeGrasp ( unsigned int  i)
void VirtualRobot::GraspSet::setPreshape ( const std::string &  preshape)

Sets preshape string of all grasps.

Field Documentation

std::string VirtualRobot::GraspSet::eef
std::vector< GraspPtr > VirtualRobot::GraspSet::grasps
std::string VirtualRobot::GraspSet::name
std::string VirtualRobot::GraspSet::robotType